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Virtual Medical Vision
A tool for on-line help to the study,
understanding and presentation
of the human anatomy.

About us?


3DVisiomedicavirtual is a newly established company, our goal is to generate a software, based on the ICT, that allows to visualize on-line by Internet an Interactive Anatomic Atlas 3D with a high scientific-medical rigour, which includes three Atlas-related human anatomy.
- 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy
- Atlas of Histology or Micro Anatomy
- Atlas of Radiology

Who makes up our team?

The 3DVisiomedicavirtual work team consists of:
Dr. Iván Sáenz Navarro (orthopedist and surgeon) and Associated Professor of the Anatomy Department of the Medicine Faculty of "Universitat de Barcelona" (Spain).
Web development, 3D programming and graphic design done by
3D made by Alterna3D
Marketing Strategy, AUSEBA, SA
Atlas of Histology, histological sections are provided by the company GENOMEDU, SL
Atlas of Radiology, images and presentation are developed by Dr. Thomas Sempere and marketing through the company Loki Dimas, SL

¿To whom does this multimedia material 3D go directed?

This material is developed for the main use of:
o Students
o Teachers
o Healthcare Professionals
This material has been developed and has produced in Barcelona (Spain) and our Web Page is prepared by to be consulted in several languages.


How do I register?

You may full accomplish the on-line form registration.

Are there different register levels to acces?

No, just there is a register level and any person who get registers will have access to the same services.

Which requirements are necesary to get a registration?

Being older than 18 years and have basic knowledge of human anatomy.

Do you have different language versions?

There will be different versions in addition to Spanish, Catalan and English. Versions planned: Portuguese, Italian, French, etc.

Can you print off images or texts?

The Visor3D allows to generate 2D images and to save them in "jpg" format. The use of these images are restricted to non-commercial or educational environments.

Do you have DEMO products to view before buy it?

You can acces at DEMO from home page and see the Visor3D functionalities.

Can I export images to another programs?

According to the own confidentiality rules, every image and/or textual information obtained through our multimedia tools of the Portal of Anatomy, just will allow its reproduction in educational environments and they remain prohibited any reproduction from commercial purposes. It will be necessary to contact 3DVisionmedicavirtual for permission.

¿What are the minimum specifications of PC/MAC in order to run the software?

The only requirement to execute the Visor3D from PC/MAC, is to have installed the last version of Shockwave, the Adobe Shockwave Player, that can be unloaded from Internet.

What are de Copyright restrictions of using images and contents generate by Visor3D?

Consulting the legal aspects at the Copyright section (non operative)

What parts of the anatomy are represented?

All the musculoskeletal  system (Locomotive) divided by anatomical regions, it includes also the neuro-vascular system.

Can I get a discount if I am a student/institution buying in bulk?

It is necessary to contact with 3DVisiomedicavirtual in order to study an special proposal to each need.

Which are conditions of purchase to order products or services?

The indicated for each product or service in the Shop section, in the event of a product or special service asked for through an order, will be the ones indicated to the corresponding proposal.

New 3D viewer!

With the 3D Visor, we will be able to access the different anatomical regions.

Why register?

You can access to the store to purchase those anatomical photographs and 3D virtual llustrations to your interests. 
Step prior to the purchase of a subscription.


Annual subscription

Allows access to all the portal Atlas of Anatomy.
3D Atlas of Anatomy (43 3D-models)
Atlas of Histology, 75 histological sections of the human body
Atlas of Radiology, 14,000 Radiological images


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