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Virtual Medical Vision
A tool for on-line help to the study,
understanding and presentation
of the human anatomy.

Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy

We have developed these rules of confidentiality for demonstrating our firm commitment on preserving the confidentiality from their datum. We are compromised on safeguarding their datum as long as we give him a valuable and personalized service. Any doubt referring to their personal information or question with respect to the observation of the mentioned practices please contacts us for e-mail in:

These Rules of Confidentiality apply to all the Particulars of agreement to the Organic Law of valid Protection of Datum in Spain.


We use the procedures and technologies necessary to assure the protection of their particulars. A combination of firewalls and password of protection in the access is based on by the mentioned security. At any rate, the fact that uses all the reasonable measures of security, we can not guarantee the security of their datum since we do not have control on Internet.


Of agreement to the law of Spaniard datum protection, we compromise on not spreading any information of theirs Datum that is in our power, except in case that require us it the competent authorities Spaniards. Equally we will not reveal their information or the referent retail of the use of our Web Page, except in those cases that they originate for the bad use of the Web Page or for legal requirement for third party for infringiment of their rights and that we believe that it transpires from the bad use of this Web Page.


The cookies are a part of information stored by his browser in the hard disk of the computer. The majority of the browsers web site they accept the mentioned cookies, but the browser (Motzilla de Firefox, Internet Explorer of Microsoft, Google Chrome de Google, etc) can be changed as a prevention. We use the cookies for storing the information that he is asked for every time that accesses to our website facilitating and speeding up the access to our service.

It has the control

If in any moment he wanted to eliminate, to contrast or to change the information that we have about you, we pray he sends us an e-mail to and us we will make the necessary actions in a reasonable time to carry out his request. We reserve ourselves the right of invoicing an amount of 60 .-€ in concept on duty as an answer to the mentioned request. Obviously, also we reserve ourselves the right of confirming it his identity before modifying any information guarded in our computer systems.

New 3D viewer!

With the 3D Visor, we will be able to access the different anatomical regions.

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You can access to the store to purchase those anatomical photographs and 3D virtual llustrations to your interests. 
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Annual subscription

Allows access to all the portal Atlas of Anatomy.
3D Atlas of Anatomy (43 3D-models)
Atlas of Histology, 75 histological sections of the human body
Atlas of Radiology, 14,000 Radiological images


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